Hello, my name is Brett Jenkins, The Essay Whisperer from Perth, Western Australia.

I have a PhD in English and Comparative Literature from Murdoch University, Perth, but have taught or worked in many Humanities-based units.IMG_2435_profile

My passion lies in improving communication and understanding. With my guidelines, I can ensure that your written and verbal communication becomes more focused on research instead of toiling over the writing process. As a tutor, I can also assist you in understanding why you received a particular grade for your work, and show how to improve for the next piece. This is also to say that:

I know what tutors want – their MO, so to speak – and I can give you this insider knowledge.

I also have a variety of study techniques to help you produce your work more efficiently and of a higher standard. Many of the skills and techniques acquired will provide an invaluable foundation for future studies.

My experience is relatable to secondary and tertiary students, particularly in the Social Sciences and Humanities; however, I also tutor students for GAMSAT and STAT essay writing, and help prepare year 12 students for their transition into tertiary studies.

I have Working With Children clearance and am also a member of the Society of Editors, Western Australia http://editorswa.com/

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